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So yesterday was the gallery exhibition I mentioned about on Facebook, which was pretty exciting because the studio was nice and freshly painted. I know this for a fact because we had to stop by, on a business matter, a day before the opening and they were painting it. Which tells you this was no joke, otherwise they would have left the crumbling walls and called it a rustic look. So the studio was Root Studio in Williamsburg and it was featuring five photographers that were chosen on a competition basis, theme: travel, name #workinprogress.


This was also no regular drink-and-stare-at-art event for me because I got behind the scenes access through @twisted_mind who was being featured in the exhibition. Which pretty much meant I had to show up an hour early and help hang the pictures. Not that I’m complaining, or am I.



I have to say the layout and set up of the studio looked like somebody actually made an effort to think, which was nice and refreshing in this cruel world of ours. And the staff people that assisted us were accommodating and friendly. Shout out to them, no names, we kept it anonymous.


Also, the curator of the show was Mickey Boardman whose name told me nothing, same as to the security guard who almost didn’t let him through. But google lent a helping hand and I recognized seeing his face before as many of yous probably did too. (at certain points he was an arm’s reach away and I resisted an urge of going for a grab, because it’s frowned upon in this society, or so I am told).


The beer was flowing freely until the moment it stopped flowing freely because they ran out of it. Considering the sponsor of the show was the beer company, you might think of it as a tad bit embarrassing. Or maybe that night just saw an especially active coalition of drinkers. We’ll never know exactly and this secret will stay safe with me and the internet.


Also, I got to meet another really cool photographer Frank Marshal who still uses film. And you would know this about him because his website is called Apart from being good at what he does, he is also bold and funny. And really bad at drawing because what in the world is that supposed to represent?


Overall, it was a great night in a cool place with nice people. Maybe I had one beer too many because my perception of the evening is suspiciously positive. I’m not sure what the gallery is/will be displaying next, but do go check it out. In the very least, remember – it’s freshly painted.


P.S. As a side note, having a day job and rubbing elbows with hipsters until 1 am don’t go well together.

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