Car inspection, hammock, movie, psych ward – somehow this will make sense

Now that I have this blog, I feel like I owe you a report on my weekend. No cemeteries this time, only abandoned psych ward. Here it goes.

On a Saturday, I was trying to renew inspection on my car. If you’re currently not a lucky car owner, do know that apart from the actual car cost, car insurance, gas money, occasional tickets and towing incidents (that actually happened), you also need to get your car inspected every given period of time. And if you happen to forget to do that, there is a convenient reminding service that leaves you notes on your windshield. They do, however, charge $65 for their services. I would suggest they review their price list. That is a bit on the expensive side. But why did you say trying and not actually doing, you ask? Because it didn’t happen. As it turned out, most of the car shops close at 12 on Saturdays. And yes I decided to sleep late, probably because it was my weekend. So now my car is dangerously uninspected for another week and you know what I’ll be doing next Saturday. It does not include sleeping in late.

Having received this unexpected blow from life, I spent the rest of the day lying in a hammock contemplating the hardships of my life.20150613_192911

Yes, I am using sexually implicit imagery to spike up popularity of this blog on purpose. It’s free and effective, can you blame me. Also, I strongly suggest you get a hammock and hang it somewhere. Hang it in your living room. I say it’s a must have home décor for summer. Throw away that old, boring sofa and replace it with a hammock. It will make for a great conversation topic with your guests, if not an awesome resting place.

On a Sunday, I went to the movie theater and watched Jurassic World. I have nothing to say for myself, except it was in IMAX and 3D. My body was trying to fall asleep on certain occasions. But I am sure it was a pure reflex to darkness. Then on our way home, we decided to take a detour and check out an abandoned psych ward. Because the weather was nice and life seemed too normal. It was somewhat difficult to encompass the full eeriness of the situation since there were hordes of teenagers roaming around, apparently with the same idea on that fine Sunday afternoon. We did manage to squeeze out some adrenalin out of the situation by climbing into a broken window. Walking on broken glass with hanging rubble that could fall on our head any given moment, seemed to have done it.

Kings Park Psyc Center Building 93
Kings Park Psyc Center Building 93

Then we did some food shopping and called it a day.

P.S. I didn’t sleep well that night, I blame Jurassic World.

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