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I went to watch a movie on Saturday, and you need to watch it too – Ms Peregrine’s home for peculiar children. And do so in a movie theater, and in 3D. This is not even a suggestion, this is a requirement. Because it’s “that” type of movie. It’s all about visuals, and boy are they magnificent; magnificent and bizarre Tim Barton style. It’s like a fairy tale on steroids. It’s also a type of fairy tale where there are no parallels, nor metaphors with real life. At least, in my opinion. The movie is not about love, it’s not about friendship, it’s not about loyalty, it’s about visuals. Which is refreshing. You’re not relating to the movie on a personal level, which in return lets you go into this fantasy mode full speed; completely detach from your bills, and relationships, and whatever. Like there was this one scene, I liked the most, where invisible monsters wrapped in candy were fighting with zombie skeletons. Seriously. And I can just picture Tim Barton going ‘I want to have invisible monsters wrapped in candy fight zombie skeletons. Let’s build a movie around that.’ Convinced yet?


And then Sunday was a truly awesome day. It turns out Bushwick hosts an annual event called Bushwick Open Studios, since 2006. This year it was on Oct 1st and 2nd, which means it’s already over, and don’t you just love me for telling you about events that already happened? Catch up next year? Anyway, this event was exactly what it sounds like, various artists with studios in Bushwick, open their doors, and let everyone able and willing roam their work space for free. They have their works on display too, obviously, for viewing and purchase. Let’s not get crazy about the purchase part, I overheard one painting selling for $3,800. To be fair, once I looked at the painting I thought ‘well, that sounds reasonable’. It was gorgeous.


To give you a visual, it’s exactly what you would expect a hipster art studio to look like. Are you thinking industrial building, loft style, dingy looking, paint sprayed, beer cans infested premises? It’s EXACTLY that. As we were walking around I kept thinking ‘so these do actually exist’. I mean if you’re a die hard conservative and/or Christian you would probably have a heart attack on the spot. We actually had some friends with us, and the best way to describe them is they live in Manhattan. Fancy city folk. And you could sense some horror on their faces, as we were wandering poorly lit, not at all cleaned, corridors of these 3-story buildings. And whichever place was a studio willing to participate had their doors open, with the actual artists sitting inside. And you could chat with them, and maybe even give them a kiss, depending on the level of your social skills I guess.


Truthfully, you do get overwhelmed at first. Because this is Contemporary Art. Some of the shit is straight up weird. But after a good amount of these studios, something in your head clicks, and you just get it. Or at least you feel like you do. Come open-minded because we seriously saw a girl on a stairwell walking a dog, wearing some sort of demon mask. No biggie, if I had a choice I’d never leave my house without a demon mask. We got into three buildings and the sheer number of studios was overwhelming, there is a lot of them. I wouldn’t be able to count even, maybe 40? And this is only the buildings we got to. As I said, after a while you brain gives up, or opens up, I’m not sure which. Even our Manhattan friends got into it, and left us behind at some point. I would go as far as say, this was a life changing event. It was fucking awesome.


Some pictures.


What a perfect hair color choice
What a perfect hair color choice


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6 thoughts on “Bushwick Open Studios

  1. Yaaay for art broadening mental horizons! I had to smile as I pictured fancy city folk finding themselves in an alien, non-shiny, boho environment – flinching with terror at neon hair colours! Tiptoeing carefully around weird-looking installations, they might blow up! It sounds awesome, I wonder if we have anything like that here.
    Also, I think the director you mean is Tim *Burton*? Of Beetlejuice and Big Fish fame?

    1. It is Tim Burton, thanks for correction me. Misspelling things is kinda my thing 🙂

  2. I love that it’s just the visuals. Sometimes you just want to sit back and enjoy the spectacle. The fighting skeletons I’ve seen in the trailers look like a great tribute to Harryhausen. Stop it, brain! Don’t look for tributes, allusions, or meaning!
    Because you know I’m all about that art,
    ‘Bout that art, conceptual.
    I’m all ’bout that art, ’bout that art, conceptual.
    I’m all ’bout that art, but that art, conceptual.
    (Repeat seven or eight thousand times.)
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      1. Call me wind because I am abuslotely blown away.

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