Big city life – on hold for the weekend

There comes a point when you’ve spent enough time in the city to feel like it is gnawing on your life forces. And you jump at the opportunity to spend the weekend in the woods, away from it all. And you drive there all ready for a blissful rest. Just as you start getting closer you immediately turn down the car windows and convince yourself that the air already feels different. Realistically, this is upstate and not some sort of nature sanctuary, civilization is still very much present, people drive cars, and burn fuel. But no, the air is different, with incredible healing powers, almost like magic.


And you have a late dinner outside (because by the time you get through all the traffic it will be a late dinner whether you plan it or not). And you sit taking in the quiet and the sounds of nature, disrupted only by occasional distant firework sounds and some people blasting music. But it’s ok, you tell yourself, it is way louder in the city. And you call it an early night, mostly because you’re ready for your restful sleep, and mostly because there is nothing else to do.


Wake up without a slightest hint of hangover on a Saturday, which you think is amazing. Until you check your Facebook feed, and see all the dressed up people from last night, with drinks in their hands having/pretending to have incredible times, and you feel a slightest tinge of jealousy.  But only a slightest because you have all day at the pool today. And nothing beats a pool day in the woods. Actually a pool day on the rooftop in the city sort of beats it, but nothing like nature, nothing like nature (you sort of mumble to yourself throughout the day).


And then you sort of go into this mega relaxed state, borderline laziness, which makes a dip into the pool seem like a chore. And you start thinking that maybe you should move out here because nothing beats this laid back rhythm of life. And you could totally get used to this. Until, you go buy something from a store and a laid back local takes ages to ring you out, and you think that people get murdered for this type of behavior back in the city.


But you heroically carry on with this enjoyment. And you and your companions keep repeating how nice this is to each other, almost as if trying to convince an invisible audience. Until, one person wanders off and plugs a TV in, and everybody else pull out their tablets. And somehow Facebook feed gets even more exciting. Once in a lifetime events all over the city. And you’re silently crying inside and return to repeating your quite mantra ‘nothing like nature, nothing the nature.’


You have another early evening (yes, because it’s freaking boring), and another restful night of sleep. Wake up irritated, probably because your body haven’t experienced this much of sleep in the last three years and doesn’t understand what’s happening. Spend some more time at the pool, mostly to kill time and not to give off how anxious you are to get back. You’re not checking Facebook by this time. Because it hurts too much.


And then the city comes rushing back into your life with its noises and smells and you vow to appreciate them a little more now, or at least to complain a little less.


P.S. And to think at some point in life I was threatening to move into a farm. So long, chickens and cows for that matter.

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