Beware of the spa pedicure scam

Want to hear something strange, and funny, and touching at the same time? I went flower picking on the weekend. I kid you not. Out of nowhere, a friend of mine just said ‘hey, I know this woodsy spot, it has a type of lake and we could just go and pick wild flowers and stuff’. It required some driving, so I was the primary decision maker on this adventurous trip, to which I said ‘ Well, I don’t see why not? I must warn you though; I’m really good at making flower crowns’.  I swear we were both completely sober.


So, on a wave of mutual madness we drove to a woodsy spot, with a lake, and went looking for wild flowers. In case you decide to follow the same strange idea, do know that August is not the best month for flower picking. Apparently it’s off-season or something because we could hardly find any. Also, it turned out we are not the best nature loving people as we kept shrieking away from every single rustle in the bushes with an occasional outcry ‘It’s coming to get us!’. We did manage to scramble some type of a bouquet and I took this highly romantic picture.


On the way back, in the car my friend said ‘I can’t believe you agreed to go flower picking with me’. Well, anything for a friend. Anything unless it’s moving, feeding pet spiders, picking somebody up from an airport (I always get lost in the airports), and sharing the last piece of anything. In that case, count me out.


What else. I went to the movie theater to see Antman. The only reason being, I had free tickets that were given to me at work as a reward for outstanding performance. Upon receiving this great honor I had an itching urge to say ‘you do realize I’m not five years old, right?’ I didn’t. But if by any chance you’re currently an employer and consider giving out movie tickets as rewards…Just don’t. We have an inside joke, that if you do even better than outstanding performance, you might earn yourself some opera tickets and a happy meal from McDonalds. Now, that’s a way to boost office morale.


Anyhow, I have accumulated a number of these movie tickets and finally decided to utilize them. I can’t come close to describing how awful this Antman movie was. Your typical bad boy on the path of righteousness for the sake of his little daughter, with a couple of dumb/supposedly funny sidekicks, hot, new girlfriend, and don’t forget the bold villain. I just saved you a couple of hours of your life.


On a Sunday, I went to get my manicure/pedicure done as I usually do. But this time I decided to treat myself to this spa package session that I normally refuse. And for a good reason. Because all that happened is they took longer to do what they normally do, I assume, to create an impression of everlasting relaxation, which in turn only annoyed me. Then they put some ointment on my legs and rapped them with cellophane, which gave me some sort of allergic reaction and blotchy skin. To top it off, they lit a tiny scented candle, and charged twice the usual price. I came out more irritated than after a busy work day. Beware of the spa pedicure scam.


P.S. So, I was trying to find a funny picture that would match my spa experience, ended up typing ‘fuck scented candles’, and google gave me that…download

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