‘Basquiat: The Unknown notebooks’ – The unseen exhibition


All right. Let me justify the name of this website (misspelled, but still) and write something about Brooklyn. Brooklyn was founded in 1683…kidding. We’re not going that deep. Just yet. Although some background on history eventually wouldn’t hurt (the year is true though, I did look it up).

What could be a more fitting subject topic for a blog on Brooklyn, than going to the Brooklyn Museum for an exhibition of a Brooklyn-born artist? Nothing (and yes, because all three contain the word Brooklyn). So I decided to go. And it was Thursday, and I did have my 9-to-5-cubicle-work-day, but as it turned out Brooklyn museum is open until 10pm on Thursdays. This information is completely true. Look at us learning something already. And it was supposed to be a deep, and enlightening, but more importantly less crowded experience. And it probably would be – not crowded at all, but I didn’t go. Do you feel the immediate connection forming between us? I’m just like you – I make grand plans and never follow through.

I got home. And I felt myself go through all possible feelings of physical deprivation such as hunger, sleepiness, slight disorientation, heaviness in limbs, and I think even some mild depression. The feeling of sorrow enveloped me and rendered all cultural events unimportant, and let them fade into the background. I needed nourishment for my body, before any of it could go to my soul. So I went and got myself a six-pack. Life seemed to gain color again. Until I realized I was counting on that museum trip to provide me with some refined material for this blog. Now I was left with nothing.
But not until a brilliant idea presented itself- I wouldn’t write about a museum trip, I would write about my intention of making a museum trip. You guessed it. That is exactly what I’m doing right now.

Don’t lose faith in me just yet. The exhibition I was going to see was that of Basquiat: The Unknown Notebooks. As it turned out there exists a really good documentary on him that I came to believe was made for me, for this specific occasion. But feel free to watch it too. Here is a link for a free download Baquiat. Kidding, the link is not for a free download, but you get the idea. Being completely unfamiliar with his art, as I am with art in general, the documentary turned out to be interesting and useful. That is in case I ever make it to his exhibition. Disclaimer: do expect it to be of a typical artsy, somewhat weird style.

So, how about all this fancy information coming your way? Have fun exploring this new artist, I had no idea about. Those of you have a very good idea about Basquiat, his line of work, and importance of his composition – go find another blog.
And I leave you with that.

P.S. Or actually I was going to leave you with that, until I found that picture.

P.S.S. I recently found this awesome site that sells Basquiat’s art and tells you about him in a legit and proper way. So, if you’re fancy (but only if you’re fancy) check them out Jean-Michel Basquiat Page


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