Badass Cinderellas

You know what brings people together? Shitty bosses. This past Friday we had my old company’s reunion. Or actually not a company reunion, but its former employees reunion. We all used to work for this same company, all successful quit over time, but have remained more or less in contact with each other. Because we share that unbreakable bond of many times together, complex situations, funny situations, but more importantly shitty boss situations. And who knows the extent of psychological damage embedded in each one of us presently, but nobody is in jail, and we all pay our taxes. So, call it a success. We’re like Cinderellas. But a lot more badass. Badass Cinderellas.


I was excited. And not really. Because some of the people I haven’t seen in years. And call me pretentious, but it’s not exactly easy to have those conversations: ‘Hey, so what’s new?’ ‘Well, I haven’t seen you in years, so pretty much freaking everything.’

I was nervous too. I even bought a new damn dress. It’s like I was going on a date. But only like with 8 other people, who are also  females, who also have no intention of dating me. And that’s not a good scenario for a date.


I was also the lonely walk in. You know when you gather in large groups, people usually try to come in in pairs, like showing up for Moses’ ark during the great flood or something. Well, I had none of that pairing. I showed up solo, and a bunch of slightly buzzed people just erupted in a roar of excitement. And I mean logically speaking I probably understand that this excitement was not entirely genuine, but it still felt nice. And we did the same for everyone who arrived after me. We just roared with excitement. Because that’s how ladies behave. Don’t quote me on this.


And you know, when you know, you have a successful reunion? It’s when everyone tries to yell over one another, and nobody really listens or hears anything, but then occasionally there’s that loudest yeller, who says something funny and 99% of the time completely obnoxious, and it’s an explosion of unvaccinated hyenas hysterical laughter. It was extremely strange,  even to me, how comfortable we all looked. Yapping away with drinks in our hands, and making fun of that one person that doesn’t drink, pretending to listen to her health advise, and winking at each other because surely we know better. But even the person that didn’t drink felt comfortable. And I know this because she said so, she said ‘you know guys, I had no intention of coming, and was really skeptical, but I’m glad I did.’ And a compliment from a sober person says a lot. Or not, I’m not sure, I don’t know a whole lot about sober people.


So then we wound down at a sensible hour, and paid our bill. And nobody tried to be a dick and pay only for the calories consumed. Which is always nice, if you ask me. Pass this information along to a dick in need. And then the slightly less-sensible part of the group continued to ‘dance like nobody is watching’, which is a mandatory activity in a gathering of two or more buzzed females. And yes I was part of this group, and we managed very well, thank you. But that’s material for another post.


P.S. I caught my first Pikachu on Sunday! (PokemonGo game reference) And I felt like you needed to know this.


P.S.S. Here’s a picture of us (please note, we’re going home, we did not hang out in the subway station (because I actually had someone ask that)).

Badass Cinderellas
Badass Cinderellas
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4 thoughts on “Badass Cinderellas

  1. What a good looking group!

    In all work spaces, you need Bitch Buddies. I gots em! The cool thing is that when you are all complaining about the same thing, it’s not called bitching or whining or complaining or gossiping — it’s called “commiserating” and that sounds much more mature and whatnot.

    I subscribed and I STILL don’t get an email when you put out a new post, BTW. I only knew cause I was on another blog and saw your comment, which linked to a new post.
    halfa1000miles recently posted…Is My Gynecologist Weird? Or Am I?My Profile

    1. Thank you for the good looking comment that’s our other bonding bond.

      Screw the subscription thingy then. I obviously don’t know how it works. I promise to maybe work it out. Like my facebook page? Booklynite. That should work.

  2. Love it. I have an ex-coworkers group like this, too, only it’s co-ed, and some of the people don’t like each other very much. Still, the gossip is great if you can ignore that one guy who is both a religious loony and a genuinely likable person.

    1. Ha, this guy sounds awesome. Sort of

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