Babies don’t like to be poked

So here’s a message update from my sister on her pregnancy. In case you’re a newbie, the idea for this section originated here.

Babies don’t like to be poked [this is the title she came up with. And I was intrigued immediately. I mean, I know my sister for quite some time, and technically I understand she’s not the type to go around poking babies. BUT. In the back of my mind, I was like ‘Ooh boy, I wander if the pregnancy hormones took over and she’s on a loose.’]   

But then, who does? It’s like that “poke” option on Facebook that I never understood & just got annoyed with [exactly as I finished reading this, the evil part of me was like ‘you should definitely go poke her on Facebook. Now.’ But then the good part of me suggested ‘Yes, yes totally go for it.’ I didn’t, because apparently I have a neutral part, more commonly referred to as responsible behavior.]

So, back to my original thought [now, go figure whose original thought. Hers, or mine, and of mine which part of it: good, evil, or neutral. This cooperation thing is harder than I thought] – babies don’t like to be poked. I learned that during my second visit to the Ob-Gyn. The technician was doing a sonogram of my 12 weeks fetus (may I call it my baby? [You may. Do continue.]). I was super excited- it looked like a human this time with cute head and visible hands and legs. I was even able to see baby’s heart and how it’s beating. I could see that tiny heart hard at work right through the tiny body! [I can officially tell you that coming up with jokes about baby’s little heart is harder than I thought. I’ll leave it at that.]

At some point during the sonogram, the technician needed for the baby to turn a bit. That got me puzzled. How do I turn the baby INSIDE my stomach? [I have no idea, bro. Why are you asking me?] The next second, I got my answer [she wasn’t asking me. It’s a literary trick called rhetorical question, you dummy] when technician poked the place of my stomach where the uterus was located and I’ve witnessed the most amazing thing- that little creature inside me started flailing those tiny hands and legs in protest! The scene was so amusing and unexpected that I couldn’t help myself and I started laughing hysterically. [Are you kidding me, I would pay to see that.] It took me the next 2 minutes to calm down and allow the technician to finish the sonogram. [And now you know why we’re related. Because we like flailing babies, that’s why.]

[And then she finished with some touchy stuff about love, and bonding. We’re over the word limit for this post, so I’m cutting that out.]

P.S. Here’s an ultrasound of a random baby because she won’t let me post her actual one.

july 020

P.S.S. Apparently, it belongs to Philips Rooney. I’m guessing Philips Rooney doesn’t like her privacy much.

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