Ask me how to organize a baby shower

So, this Saturday was my sister’s baby shower. Some of you may know that I have an eligible sibling for such an event, meaning a pregnant sister who’s getting real close to the whole breathe-and-push day. And curse, breathe-and-push-and-curse. I’m pretty sure she’ll be the curser, we’re related and there is a strong predisposition to this assumption.


So my mom and I were the ones who organized the whole thing. Mostly because when you’re related you don’t get to choose, but also mostly because we really wanted to. And boy, were we nervous as shit. You have to understand, this is the first child in our family so everything seemed like a big deal. Even when it wasn’t, we made it into a big deal because that’s just how our family is, and also that’s how people die from heart attacks at age 35.


We started planning months in advance, which pretty much meant discussing same things over and over again. Like party favors: we chose party favors that we both liked almost immediately, and then just spent discussing other options just to come back to the original decision.


Actual conversation that happened about chopsticks:


– Hey ma, you know I was looking at that website and they have really cute baby themed chopsticks, maybe we could put them into a really nice basket, and have everyone grab one on their way out


– That doesn’t sound bad, everybody uses chopstick, especially its winter now. How big are they?

– …the regular chopstick dimensions, I assume

– I’m just thinking it could be too small for a favor

– You might be right

– You know what, I’ll go to the pharmacy tomorrow and look at chopsticks, just to get a feel


And she did. And then we discussed chopsticks and their sizes some more. If police happened to be listening in on our conversations they’d probably think we’re drug dealers talking in code.

And then some days, I’d be cool and collected, while our mom would tell me that she started taking pills to help her sleep (herbal ones, in her defense). And other days, she’d be all like ‘we got this’ and I’d be asking her what brand her pills are.


We just really wanted to make it perfect. And you know what, we did. The day finally came and we were so organized, and everything was getting done, and looked as it should. Not really. More like some frantic running around, and getting this burned, and having that fall apart, and changing that table cloth last minute because it’s not tying in with the rest of decorations (that actually happened). And then people just started piling in and they had a lot of coats. I remember this because I was responsible for hanging them. And it was a lot of people too, but it felt like everyone decided to wear an extra coat that day.



Anyway as I said, it did turn out good. Somehow. Bless everyone who attended for saying they loved it. Or lying straight into our faces. My sister’s friends could just be a bunch of really good liars with extra coats. They seemed nice those.



And I’m getting myself a badge saying ‘ask me how to organize a baby shower (but not to lose weight, having trouble with that myself)’


P.S. On top of everything, we looked gorgeous 🙂


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