Ask me how to have a two faucet kitchen

So this weekend was all over the place for me. It lacked all rhyme and reason. And not that I’m complaining, but here’s what I mean.


Friday was a girls night out. And I love those because I love my girls. Ok, maybe I don’t love love them, but I don’t hate them either. That counts for something, right? I am kidding and what I mean is that we don’t have the urge to spend every, waking day together, but do manage to enjoy each other’s company during these rare get-together we have. And in a world of shitty people this means a lot.

And this was a proper night out too. We were buzzed, and loud, and sometimes completely inappropriate and obnoxious, but overall very well behaved because we are cool like that, and also because we are responsible adults. Most of the time.


I woke up way past noon on a Saturday, which means it was closer to 3, as in 3 pm. And even for me this was highly unusual, and freaked me out, and made me check my pulse, and make sure I still have a reflection in the mirror.


That same day I had previous arrangements to meet up with my mom and sister. And maybe it would be wiser to hide from the living for at least another 24h, I decided to go see them. It felt very much like the day you would want your mommy. And we actually had a great time, mostly laughing at myself and stuff. At one point my mom said ‘Could you just please not breath in my direction?’ And I said ‘sure’ because I was raised well.


And then I had to meet my insert word here  from the airport. Technically, it was my boyfriend I was meeting from the airport. But he’s away a lot, and considering that for the last month I have seen him probably for the total of 6 days, I’m not really sure he gets to retain the full boyfriend title. I think there should be like a suffix for clarification purposes, like boyfriend BRB in my case. Meaning he is currently not available, but please continue to hold for the next available moment. And then everybody else could up come up with their personalized suffixes as well: like maybe boyfriend OMG – if he’s really handsome, or ugly, could be used either way; or maybe boyfriend LOL – if he’s really funny, or if he has a really annoying laugh, again open for interpretation; boyfriend WTF – self-explanatory; boyfriend FYI – a gay friend you asked to pose as your boyfriend, and lastly boyfriend ASAP – for some reason I’m imagining this one to just be really quick in the sac, not in a good way. And I am so going to patent this idea.


Anyway, Sunday was actually a nice day. I welcomed another pair of Converse into my life. And this relationship is going to last happily forever.


Also, we had a kitchen sink emergency. And managed to be replacing a kitchen faucet Sunday night at 8pm. And you know your job was successful if instead of one faucet you now have two. We half finished the job, but called it abstract and left it at that.

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