Artsy, gay, and yellow

I had a great weekend, you guys. Probably because the whole week was shit. There is justice in this world. Because it’s only fair to get 2 nice days, in return for 5 really shitty days. This math is only slightly messed up, universe. You might want to look into that.


Anyway, Saturday was the last really warm, and nice day. And the fact that it wasn’t too warm, nor too cold, AND on a weekend is nothing short of a miracle. So, my girlfriend and I decided to go to the Grounds For Sculpture park. And it’s a park with all sorts of contemporary art pieces placed around in expected, and not so much areas. And it’s awesome. I was going to say randomly placed, but most likely they’re not, and it’s all carefully planning, and artistic eye, and what not. This was also my second visit, and I wrote about it before. But they rotate their displays, so you can come back like every day. Maybe a little less often than that, but you get the point. And it was just a perfect day. Except for all the damn traffic, we were stuck in. It’s like every damn soul decided to leave their house that day. Also, how come being stuck in a car increases your bathroom needs urgency by like tenfold? Not cool. Just saying. No accidents happened though.



That same night a bunch of friends were going out, and I was invited. Which was nice. Being invited anywhere feels nice. Except family gatherings because those kind of suck. And I went, and found myself at a drag queen party at Blue Velvet. And it was so much freaking fun. Because gay people are fun. Maybe because they don’t give a fuck? Or maybe just being called ‘gay’  which technically stands for ‘happy’ makes you happy? Should I change my name to Gay? These are the questions that I think about. But the party that night was truly great, and I wasn’t thinking much then. I did find meself a gay friend! I always wanted to have a gay friend, who would go shopping with me, and tell me I look like a fat cow. This is New York, people. A lady needs to have her gay friend. And so, I started talking with one of the performers that night, we clicked immediately (at least, the parts I remember), and became Facebook friends. Ask and you shall receive.



Next day I slept till noon due to obvious health complications. But we had a planned IKEA shopping trip, and so we went. Except for all the damn people again, and that one time IKEA tried to murder me, I like going to IKEA. I like their stuff, furniture, and accessories, and showrooms. It’s a special place where within a minute you can buy something useful, like a kitchen rug, and a cactus-shaped pillow the next minute. And this totally happened to me. That pillow was so damn cure. Stop judging me. I also bought myself a yellow chair. And I love it so much, I can’t even.


And I came to a realization that all good things in life are artsy, gay, and yellow. Confucius got nothing on me.

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2 thoughts on “Artsy, gay, and yellow

  1. No judging but I am annoyed that you didn’t share a picture of the cactus-shaped pillow and all I can picture is this horrible thing with sharp plastic spines. Or maybe it doesn’t have spines and is shaped more like a lithop or something in the mesembryanthemum family and I have to get all pedantic and say, “No, those are succulents, not cacti.”
    Okay I’m judging a little bit and in a really uncool way, unlike your gay friend who may be judgmental but really amazing about it.
    Christopher recently posted…Pheeling Phlegmatic.My Profile

    1. I actually thought about that too! I should have taken the chair picture along with the cactus pillow. Will do so tonight, sir.

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