Arthur Kill Ship Graveyard: Ghosts Stole My Drone

How awesome was my weekend? Pretty damn awesome. Because that’s what happens when you plan well. Or when you plan activities that you actually look forward to. And I look forward to activities when there is a graveyard involved. Apparently.


Anyway. I read this article about Arthur Kill Ship Graveyard and it’s a place where ships go to die.  And so I immediately thought what a fun and romantic activity this would be. Probably family friendly too. Too bad I don’t have kids. So then I told my significant other and he confirmed that this would be a fun activity. But also confirmed that it’s probably good that I don’t have kids. And the article said the best way to look at this place is to get there on a boat. And conveniently enough I know a person with a boat and it’s the mad captain I wrote about here. And he immediately agreed to this idea because he doesn’t get that nick name for nothing (he also doesn’t seem to like this nickname much, but I think it’s great, so it’s staying. You’re welcome, mad captain).


I grabbed a couple of other friends who found this idea alluring. There is more of us crazies than you think. And off we went. Firstly, we had a VIP tour around the statue of Liberty. Not because we’re very important people, and more because it was just on our way to the graveyard, but it was awesome regardless. We were so close you could see up her (it?) nostrils. And I don’t have any photographic proof because I was too busy sitting with my mouth open.


Then we cranked up the speed and music, and I just had this huge grin on my face. And at one point, one of my friends asked me if I was ok. I was not ok. I was freakishly happy.


Then we had a few more educational stop overs, which I was not expecting at all. We saw a memorial that looks like a clit. I’m sorry memorial, I’m not the only one to think so. Everyone on the boat confirmed they were also not expecting to see memorials on this trip,  let alone the ones that look like clits.


Then we saw a huge cruise ship, which was not significant at all. Except for the fact that I took this amazingly well composed picture.


And then we had a few more stop overs to look at this and that, and it was day, and life was good.


We eventually arrived to our destination point, and it was exactly what we were expecting. It was old tugboats (and other forms of boat life, I can only assume) from early 1900s sitting in shallow waters and rotting away. And it was eerie, and creepy, and awesome. We got way up close. And we saw some other people kayaking their way around the place. So we just had to point, and laugh at them, and call them losers. Because our boat was bigger AND had an engine. So yeah. But we drew the line at throwing stuff at them because we’re not animals.


And then we just chilled on the boat with a view as such.



Or should I say everyone else chilled on the boat while I was preparing to launch Tom (Tom is the Phantom DJI drone I have, you should know this by now from here.) And this was exactly the place where you would want to launch your drone. It was probably not exactly legal, but exactly the place where you would want to be acting not exactly legal. I’m confused by that sentence myself. Anyway, so the view from above in this place was really cool. I don’t have any footage to share with you because at one point Tom got possessed, flew away, and we lost signal with it. In all seriousness, it just started acting really really strange and flew away. So I blame ghosts. Because that’s what I do in times of confusion. Even like at work. Because nobody can argue with a good ghost blaming.


We did have record of the drone’s last coordinates and it wasn’t even that far, but it was on land, and we were on water, and that was a bit of a problem. Long story short, we had a couple of brave volunteers for retrieving the drone, which did not include myself. Only because I don’t like volunteering, but do believe me that I’m brave. And they had to climb on and through stuff, and it was disgusting at times, so I won’t go into detail. But good souls, they brought my Tom back. It sustained some damage that is hopefully all fixable. Also, hopefully you won’t be reading about exorcism of Tom, the drone, next.


So then as all the drama settled, the sun set as well. And we made some food on a boat grill because apparently those exist. And then we ate it because that’s just logic.


And the day was ending, but not quite. When we approached the shoreline, a man ran over to us waving, and lamenting. It turned out this man, Alexander Doba, who is sort of famous for kayaking across the Atlantic needed a boat lift to the Statue of Liberty. And I felt like saying ‘hey, aren’t supposed to be kayaking and not getting boat lifts?’ But we left the captain to deal with that ordeal.


Meanwhile, we drove home exhausted, sun exposed, and all graveyard happy. Everything was awesome about this day, except for the part where ghosts stole my drone. Or that might have been awesome as well.


P.S. Contact Viktor Popov for your adventure, tell him I sent you, and get a discount. Or not. We didn’t really make a deal about this.

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