Art is weird and it’s a good thing. Or is it.

I don’t know about you but I like art in all it’s shapes and sizes. Even the art I don’t like, I still like. Meaning I appreciate the fact for its existence because that just means there’s somebody out there who needs it. And if there’s demand, there should be supply. I learned this in my economics class. Education is important. That also means there’s somebody out there stranger than me, and that’s reassuring. There’s at least two people who went ‘listen, I’ll put this into a pile right here, and give it a vaguely sexist name for no reason’ and some other person who went ‘very well, let’s make money off of it‘. It’s like I want to be friends with these people.

The other weekend I went to visit MoMA PS1, and it’s a place I genuinely like. True story, I almost moved right across the street from it. But then I figured if I live this close to MoMA PS1, I’ll probably come to hate MoMA PS1 very soon. I even have the photo of the apartment still because it had killer views. It was the size of a miniature closet, but a closet with killer views, and across the street from MoMA PS1. Anyway, let’s look at the photo and leave it at that.

And the exhibitions they have almost never disappoint, they’re weird and artsy and what they like to call contemporary. Fun fact, ‘Modern’ refers to the specific time period between the early to mid-twentieth century, while ‘Contemporary’ does not refer to a specific period of time. Courtesy of google, of course. I also recently learned the difference between lager, and ale, which is completely un-related, but you should google that also. More importantly at MoMA PS1, they rotate their exhibitions regularly, and you are to be inspired regularly. Or aggravated. As some of our party members felt. And it brought about a whole discussion in the car as to whether what we saw was stupid, or genius, or neither, or who’s to say, or why we’re even arguing about it.

But then I thought if what’s in front of you stirs up emotions, and questions without answers then it must be art. We have so many instructions that we follow on daily basis like brush your teeth, pay your bills, go to work , take your meds (this one’s for me), don’t be an asshole that it doesn’t leave any space for imagination. Maybe it’s a good thing for the most part because if we all go into imaginary spaces there will be no one to grow us chickens and stuff. And I don’t care who you are, but chickens are cute…and delicious.

Point being, do expose yourself to something out of your comfort zone, and it just might make you a more tolerant, open-minded, well-rounded, educated person. Or crazy like me. Who’s to say. Experience art with caution.

P.S. Just an update on my current status since this last post. I’ve been doing mostly fine, I shower regularly, and go to work, and hate all normal people for being normal, and do a lot of walking, walking is good for you. And also reading up on what it means to be bipolar since I’m that person now, apparently. Once, I let it settle into my identity, I’ll start sharing more on the subject. Cuz I’m team represent. Mostly because I don’t have a choice.

OK, good bye now.

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2 thoughts on “Art is weird and it’s a good thing. Or is it.

  1. Beth

    As I read your thoughts, I said , yaa that’s how I feel, that’s right, I agree, exactly.
    Keep on.
    Thank you.

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