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So, this is going to be my anniversary post. Exactly one year, and another week ago I started this blog. I started it on April 28th and technically should have waited another week for the anniversary post, but I won’t. Because that’s the beauty of having your blog. You can do whatever the hell you want. But only in like the virtual world because in real world you still have to pay taxes, and take out your garbage. Annoying, I know. I didn’t make these rules.


Anyway, I guess this calls for a walk down the memory lane, and what not.


I started this blog because I wanted to write, but writing a book, for example, is just too much goddamn work. As opposed to having a blog where you have an instant reward of writing a blurb and hitting Publish (I do have an actual Publish button, and I feel like a god whenever I hit it (like a publishing god of some sort?). Also, I have no need to follow a specific structure. Like I had this rule for myself that every post should be no less than 500 words. And  there were times when I said all that I wanted to say in less than 500 words, and just did ‘fuck it, I’ll just add more pictures or something.’ And there were times when I went way overboard that limit, and you know what? I don’t think there is a word-counting person out there that noticed (unless, there is. In that case, I apologize).


I went through times when I thought this whole idea was stupid, and I’m being stupid, and I should probably stop because it’s pretty stupid. Then I went through times when I couldn’t wait to share a certain post, and thought it was wonderful, and I’ll wake up famous overnight or something. And then there were normal days where I was just glad I had something that I enjoy doing. There were like 5 of those days, and everything else was this prolonged period of mood swings. My point is, being overly dramatic either way is not good, people. And somebody should volunteer to be the person who keeps reminding me about this.


Let’s see, what else.


I built this whole website myself. Be impressed with my Youtube-ing skills. But in all seriousness, I did learn quite a few of technicalities. To the point where, the other day, I was freely discussing computer specs with a sales person, when buying myself a laptop. So, if you didn’t learn anything reading this blog, rest assured that I did. It was all about me from the beginning, I thought I made it obvious. Gees.


I just checked the word count. It’s 448. Let’s continue.


In the search of improving my blogging skill, I came across many other bloggers. Some of whom are great, some of whom are horse shit, and some of whom developed into a weird, friendship that’s not actually friendship in a normal sense of things. No life wisdom here. This just happened.


I guess you can say, I still struggle with the identity of this blog. Because from what I read, there should be a clear cut sales pitch that can describe what you’re writing about, and how it’s positive, and beneficial, and will make YOU pee your pants form joy. And whenever somebody asks me what my blog is about, I go ‘well…….’ Then there is a long, awkward pause which I usually end with ‘but it’s funny!’ So, I guess I refuse to turn my blog into a sales pitch just yet. Also, don’t pee your pants. That’s just growth.


So Happy Birthday, blog. I think you and I should get drunk tonight.


P.S. This had pee in it, so I figured it’d be relevant.


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  1. That’s a shrewd answer to a tricky qutiseon

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