Animal Friends are truly friendly

So I feel like I owe you a follow up post on my cat’s blood stool situation. Because you’re probably dying to know, and can’t get around to enjoying your weekend. Also, because this story has a good ending, and we don’t see those too much.

Since I don’t have a regular doctor for my cat, because I just don’t, I googled info for some Animal Clinics in my neighborhood. And these guys came up Faithful Friends Animal Hospital so I called them. Because what can be better than Faithful Friends? Unfaithful but fun friends, but that’s another story. And they scheduled me in for 11am this morning. I got there and the place looked nice. Not that I was looking for that, but it doesn’t hurt to sit in a pleasant atmosphere with your freaked out, and possibly cancerous cat.

After a brief wait time (there were a bunch of people waiting also) they called us in. A very pleasant lady doctor greeted us, and her assistant girl  got down to business right away. She took my cat out of the bag, measured her, and did whatever else. I wasn’t paying attention because I was holding my breath waiting for my cat to strike. But she didn’t, and oh the miracle, she just generally behaved. And then I said ‘She likes you’ in a surprised voice, and added ‘You don’t understand, she doesn’t like anybody’. And the girl and the doctor just smiled, and gave each other a knowing look.

To spare you the details, my cat is fine. She has some digestive, and probably inflammatory issues. But oh the VIP treatment she got. They gave her an IV to help with dehydration, one B vitamin shot to help with digestion, one other shot for anti-inflammation. They took blood to run some additional tests. Gave us medicine to administer at home. And threw in some hairball treatment cream. I was impressed. And I’m not easily impressed.

Fun story. My cat’s name is Eleanor. And at one point, lady doctor said ‘my dog’s name is Eleanor’. And I was like ‘really, I named mine after Eleanor Roosevelt’ (true story, now tell me I’m not a goddamn hipster). And then she said ‘well my daughter was naming the dog, she doesn’t have that good of a context, she named her after a chipmunk from the cartoon’. And then we laughed and laughed.

So anyway I guess you’re wondering how much these shenanigans cost me. Everything together came up to $333. Which is not exactly cheap, but I got my cat home and first thing she did she started eating like a madwoman. That she sort of is. And she’ll live. And I’ll be fine. And you can’t put a price on that.

So if you’re from the area, and have a pet, this is the place for when in need. I didn’t remember lady doctor’s name, but she’s there Saturdays, that much I know. Animal Friends are truly friendly.

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One thought on “Animal Friends are truly friendly

  1. I’m so thrilled there was a happy ending to this story, especially that your cat’s end is now happier than it was. And that your cat is named after Eleanor Roosevelt.
    We had a cat named Hugo, after Victor Hugo, although there was a hurricane Hugo the year he was born and it was kind of appropriate. He also got so big that “Hugo” turned out to be short for “Hugomongous”.
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