And then life happened. Not really. More like Bahamas did.

How do you beat a story about Italy? With a story about Bahamas. That’s how.

As I’ll be telling you about my yet another vacation, that actually happened some years back, but was awesome regardless.

Why you might ask? Mostly not to think about the audit request currently laying on my work desk, but also for entertainment purposes to you, people. But mostly to avoid that audit. I’ll get to it. I promise. Eventually.


Anyhow, so to the Bahamas I went with a mad captain and a collection of 7 other slightly lunatic people because how else do you describe a decision to cross the Gulf of Mexico on our own, and live on a boat for a week. And I don’t mean cruise ship people, I mean boat.

Or catamaran is the proper term
Or catamaran is the proper term


Why? Because it was cheap and dangerous. I think that was the logic behind the trip.


The crossing was actually just really long (about 16h) no storms were involved so it was also really boring. But we did catch some tuna on the way, and it was the first time I tried tuna in such a freshly served state because we ate it raw. We did clean the guts and stuff, we’re not complete animals, you know. Point being, it was fresh and good.


Snacks jumping around us, we reached our destination point, which was the Island of Bimini. Not exactly the mainland Bahamas because those are further down. But it was still gorgeous with turquoise water and white sand beaches. The sight of which made me ready to cry, in a romantic way, sort of from an emotional overwhelming of feelings from observing such beauty. What can I say, I’m a tender soul.



The way to describe it?  It was incredibly tropical looking, like on TV. And we did a lot of swimming, snorkeling, and some diving. Inside a rotting ship wreck. Without professional supervision. With a collection of local wildlife around us. If you’d maybe add some sharp knives and fire that would complete our trip. I think we really set out to test if maybe fate was done with us for good. In a nutshell, it was fun. And now that I think if it, we did have sharp knives.

Sapona wreck
Sapona wreck

We lived and slept on the boat. Sometimes on deck. And you can be pretty damn sure that sleeping underneath open sky in Bahamas is kind of awesome. It was also with 7 other people so not recommended if you like your privacy much, or if you get stabby tendencies with others. Those same faces will not change much for the duration of the trip. They might get somewhat more tanned but that’s about it. So choose faces that go with you wisely.


We ate a lot of fresh seafood: conch, and lobster, and aforementioned tuna, and this one time barracuda. I have no explanation for this last one, it wasn’t even that good. But fresh seafood was for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and spam was in my dreams. So, there’s your life wisdom for travels far and close – pack spam.


So, the mad captain (not sure if he’ll be happy with this title) is an actual person who makes frequent trips as such, and takes all the suicidal, adrenalin-seeking, adventure junkies on board with him. For a small ransom of course, arrr (that’s a pirate sound).


Feel free to reach out for more info @ Viktor Popov on Facebook.


P.S. I’m fairly out of vacation material. I almost promise.

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