And now we know who Jenny Lawson is. At least I do.

OK you guys, I saw Jenny Lawson tonight. Those of you who don’t know who she is, well you suck. No you don’t, but seriously you should read her books. She has only two and they are an average reasonable book size. Plus they’re super hilarious, so you should definitely go for it. I’m a fan. And I have my reasons, which you can deduct from my post Who is Jenny Lawson.

But today, she had a book reading and signing for her new release Furiously Happy. And I wasn’t going to go at first because I’m a lazy fan. And also because I follow her on Instagram and feel like I know about her personal life too much already. With that thought, while feeling border line I-can’t-take-this-shit no more at work, I stumbled upon information that the event is tonight. And I texted my sister, who conveniently is also Jenny’s fan, and on a wave of mutual madness and enthusiasm we decided to go.

I had my car with me and was developing complex situations of where I’m going to leave it overnight because driving into Manhattan is suicidal, and also something I have never done before. Those of you who read me would know that I’m a fairly new driver, and even though I am happy to report some progress in my driving skills, I have been putting off driving into Manhattan as the ultimate challenge. Fate would have it that I had nowhere to leave the damn thing, and was running late, and did the good old fuck-it-I’m-just-gonna-go-for-it. My noble steed aka GPS led the way, and I got to Union Square Barnes and Nobles without much hardship, which was sort of even disappointing. The question of parking came up. I parked underneath Commercial Vehicles Only sign at first, contemplated for a bit weather or not my car could pretend to be a commercial vehicle for a couple of hours I attended the event, ruled out that option, and left my car at one of the paid parking spots.

Then I met up with my preggo sister, who informed me of my smoker’s stink, and off we went to see Jenny. And see her we did.

She’s the tiny figure over there

She was everything you’d expect from her books – funny, thoughtful, and occasionally, completely, inappropriately profane. Then the book signing began. And I was prepared; I bought us two copies of her new book. And we sat there patiently chatting about this and that, occasionally commenting on how ridiculous this person looks, and that person acts, until our patience ran out. And we agreed that Jenny’s signature is really just a doodle that won’t make a dent in our lives, snapped another picture of her, purely for Facebook status update, and left. On the way out, my sister remarked that I unwisely spent money buying two physical copies of the book for nothing, to which I suggested we sign each others books. And we did. We wrote some sentimental-funny stuff to each other, and we hugged, and then she said that she really needs to use a bathroom. But first, we snapped this picture.


And then I drove us out of Manhattan in one piece (!).

P.S. Have a sister, drive to Manhattan, and read a book or at least the writing on your shampoo bottle.

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2 thoughts on “And now we know who Jenny Lawson is. At least I do.

  1. I was shopping for Roosters online, I collect them carefully, because I only want the roosters, but sometimes to get the rooster you have to buy then hen too…that would make a great blog title about how I found Jenny Lawson…it was more of a stumbled over her blog…because her Blog title was intriguing as to what this has to do with Roosters…sorry I am getting sidetracked…I stumbled upon reading comments on The Bloggess, and I thought she looks like my kind of gal, so here I am leaving this lengthy, wordy comment and I have now forgotten where I was going with all this…Oh yeah this is about how I found Jenny Lawson…she wasn’t lost…she was there all this time, but to me she was a nugget of Golden Camaraderie, and Brain Shenanigans, most of all a life line, and now I am coming out of my mind to the whole world anyhow…following you now. Thank for reading this if you didn’t well fine I won’t follow…Just kidding….i will simply assume you are busy! 🙂

    1. milanyk

      Well, I did read it. So there, you have to follow me 🙂 I know exactly how you feel about Jenny Lawson, she’s like a magnet for us weirdos and so we get to find each other, and eventually rule this world. More of a long term goal. Hope you found your roosters. And I am following you now as well
      P.S. you better quit smoking as you promised (although I’m a smoker myself, and not planning on quitting any time soon, probably because I don’t have Crohn’s disease (yet) :P)

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