All messed up, but still in order

Instead of me complaining about work stuff to you again, I’ll just tell you it’s still a lot. I’m overwhelmed and exhausted most days. And when I gain enough strength to not feel overwhelmed and exhausted, I usually just bitch and moan about how overwhelmed and exhausted I am, to whoever is around. My significant other if he’s not away on his business affairs. My Wednesday Friend who somehow still comes around to see me. Or my cat who simply has no other choice. You get the picture.

So, this weekend I had three days off due to Marin Luther King’s holiday, and I was so looking forward to mindless internet browsing. Which I did get to do, but only in between all the home errands that piled up, and demanded attention. Like you know you should probably do your laundry if you’re considering recycling your worn underwear. Growth. And did not actually happen. I calculated it just right, to the point of last pair. Because I’m organized like that.

Anyway. We did make an effort and went to see the latest Star Wars movie, Rogue One. In IMAX and 3D. And overall experience was probably nice, but the chairs in this particular movie theater were way too comfortable, and I kept dosing off throughout the movie. I should probably turn in my Star Wars fan card. Also, I was never truly a fan. It just didn’t grow on me. Except for the phrase ‘May the force be with you’, which I love to throw around the office, all the rest of the plot is rubbish. No offense to Star Wars fans, but in all honesty you should probably upgrade to Sherlock Holmes. Speaking of which, are you watching Sherlock Holmes? Because you totally should. It’s the latest hottest thing. It’s also smart, and clever. If you’re going to waste your time in front of a screen, do so solving crimes. Or watching someone else solve crimes. I’m not judging.

Also, I have been avoiding social media lately. Because that freaking Trump is everywhere. And it’s not that I don’t like him (because I hate him with a passion), I’m just sick of hearing about him so much. Either good, or bad, or funny. I wish we could all just stop. I wish he was normal enough to sit in that white house and do nothing. So we could go back to watching funny cat videos in piece. I have a feeling that won’t be happening any time soon.

If you’ve had a similar feeling lately, and are in desperate need of some diversion, go and check out my blogger buddies. We all seem to be pretty bombed out lately, so go visit them, and send them love.

RubberShoesInHell – it’s a mess of a woman that will inspire you, and make you laugh, and make feel good about life. If at least just for that brief moment of reading her blog.

FreeThinkersAnnonymous – is exactly that. While the rest of us seem to be falling in and out of our blogging routine, Chris has been posting regularly. And on topics that are smart, beautifully presented, and intellectually challenging. And funny because obviously.

AlwaysDrunk – is a special person in my life. And she does an excellent job of messing up, but then analyzing these situations with honesty, and brutality, and humor. All that, so you don’t have to.

AnnaWritesStuff – Anna has been one of my earliest blogging influencers. Just so you understand, she was the first ‘big time’ blogger that left a comment on my site. So now my soul belongs to her. Also, I seem to be saying that a lot, I wonder how many owners my soul already has. We even once made plans to meet each other in person, but then Shrumf got elected, and everyone fell into brain comma.

That’s it from me. Stay messed up, but like in an organized fashion.


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