Alex Fogo the DJ that doesn’t curse

My Wednesday Friend invited me to attend Nervous Records Release Party yesterday. And I went because I like nervous people. Also, don’t get overwhelmed by records release party fancy words, as far as I was concerned I was going to a place that will have a DJ playing who’s a friend of a friend’s friend, and it’s Thursday, and who does these things not Thursdays anyway. Not the people who wake up at 6am on Fridays. Just saying.

But the place we were going to, as it turned out, is one of the city’s favorite when it comes to quality club music sound. I was told this by a friend who apparently has great enthusiasm for this place. And I know this because he kept enthusiastically pointing at the walls and explaining how specifics in their structure allow the sound waves to bounce off in manner that reaches your head at an angle that enters your brain and explodes into rainbows. And unicorns. And I swear to you, we were not consuming illicit drugs. He also said the place hasn’t changed their name in years. And this part, being a finance person, I totally got. It means they pay their taxes, and they’re good Americans. So if you’re a good American with quality sound appreciation visit Cielo.

This same friend also knew the DJ Alex Fogo personally, and so he told me all about him. Enthusiastically. Naturally.  As it turns out they have known each for many years. From the moment when the fancy club playing DJ had a self-made studio in one of the apartment rooms, made out of pillows and blankets. I’m not sure how self-made studio are done, so this last comment might be a lie. It’s this person that gave my friend all the knowledge about sound waves, quality, and music that will make you believe in leprechauns. And so the DJ person grew. Meaning physically, because DJs aren’t just born into disc-scratching, fist-pumping humans, you know. And he also grew professionally. As we were obviously now attending his records release party.

But regardless of all of that, this guy remained a completely chill person. Because I got to talk to him, and he said something really cool. With all the listed above success, he said that he feels he’s only on a second step of a ten step ladder.  And I was all like: dude that’s way too low, and harsh, and asked what’s that first step he got past then. And he said ‘getting to play for an audience’.  And you know how you know a person will be really successful eventually? It’s when they never think they’re good enough.

I got to hang out with the DJ’s old lady the entire night. And she’s not old, and quite the opposite – drop dead gorgeous and a smart woman. She is also a holy being. But like a really hot holy being. And she’s been with the DJ for the past 7 years, and if you think it’s cool to date someone who works nights and looks at prancing drunk females , you’re not being rational, human. In other words she’s been there from the start and it’s super sweet, and goddamn romantic.

It was a good evening.

So. Find these awesome people on Instagram, attend their events, listen to their music, spread the word. I release thee minions.


Exit32Team – for behind the scenes

P.S. Almost forgot! I asked the DJ about his favorite curse word and he just went ‘hmmmm….I don’t really curse’. So there, Alex Fogo the DJ that doesn’t curse.

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  1. I like the way you see all this 🙂

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