Adulting Conquered

Lot’s, and lot’s I need to tell you. So many things, and so little work time to write blog posts about them.


Speaking of work, this past Friday I was conducting my first official work interviews. We had a person quit, and my boss usually does all the interviewing by herself, but this time she decided to have me partake. And I tell you what, it was so much fun being on the other side! Also, I used to think ‘did they not read my resume?’ The answer is ‘no, they did not read your resume’. Because I had no idea I’ll be interviewing people, I had a resume thrown at me 30 seconds prior, I did not prepare, I was wearing flip flops for fuck’s sake. It was still fun. Probably because my boss was wearing flip flops as well. We take our casual Friday seriously.


Yard sales are cool. Go to them. I got a perfectly normal set of Champagne glasses for $3. However, do know you’ll come across a bunch of other perfectly NOT normal stuff. Don’t buy it. Just point and laugh at it. We’re all adults here, we know how to handle complex situations. Also, be prepared for some questionable decision purchases, which in my case was a vintage all-silk jacket. I’m blaming the yard sale spirit for messing with my head.


Well, what about the gaming world, you ask? You know I got you covered. It’s the PokemonGo this time. And what happens is you create a virtual self, and using GPS the game sees your actual location, and you walk around on your business, and catch Pokemons. Like I had to run outside at 11 at night to catch a Pokemon passing by. Does it get better than that? It does. At level 5 you get to send your Pokemons to training schools. You’re welcome.


The famous IKEA Swedish meatballs tried to murder me. On Sunday, we went to IKEA to get IKEA stuff. I don’t even call it furniture, or home goods because it has such a distinct IKEA feel to it that you can immediately identify if that’s ShlÖster hanging on your friend’s wall. And we were hungry, so we went to get some Swedish meatballs. I never ate at IKEA before. And it was ok, I wasn’t expecting a gourmet dish. But I also was not expecting a severe shit storm attack.  Like one minute I was fine, and the next minute I just yelled ‘I have to GO’ at my significant other, and took off. Thankfully they have bathrooms. Probably because they have those damn meatballs. Not cool, IKEA.


So most of you know that I moved recently, if not, please refer to I moved bitches post. It’s mostly a very pleasant read. And I need you all to know that I’m left without gas for a week. Because who does that to another human being. The gas company people, that’s who. I called them and the lady just went ‘yeah, the earliest available date we have is next week.’ What if it’s an emergency? What if I need to emergently boil an egg. Inconsiderate bastards. Also, spellcheck is telling me emergently is not a real word. Not now, spellcheck, not now.

But I’ve been mostly doing well. I even purchased my first big-girl sofa yesterday. So it’s like I’m an adult now.


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  1. At last, somenoe comes up with the “right” answer!

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