7 Reasons To Have a Real Job

So, well into the work week as I was dragging myself to the office, I couldn’t help but think there just has to be some benefits to having a ‘real job’. Call it a streak of optimism or temporary madness. But here is what my brain came up with:

  1. You get to pay your bills– a bit on the obvious side
  2. Stops you from partying too much– you have somewhere responsible to be from 9 to 5
  3. Saves you money– see above, stops you from partying too much
  4. Allows you to pay taxes – and feel like a contributing part of the society, for once
  5. Randomly calling in sick, gives you a thrill of adventure
  6. Fills your closet with smart pants, jackets, and shirts – that otherwise would never find their way into your closet
  7. Gives you a great topic for conversation and bitching, while out with friends

Feel free to hang these at you work station for motivational purposes.

P.S. To add more optimism to this post, here is a picture of an actual work project I had to do:20140930_162724

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