4th of July – Brooklyn raised, American strong

Firstly, try not to get teary from the title of this post.

So, I’ve been somewhat away from posting for a couple of days. Long weekend and all. But I’ve also been dutifully collecting material for you. Let’s call great consumption of foods and beverages that. 4th of July. How shall we describe this great tradition of BBQing,  waving American flags, burning stuff and fireworks?  As exactly that.

It may also serve as an excuse of random people coming together in great fits of enthusiasm and comradeship. Such as your neighbors. Whom you may want nothing to do with all year long, other than a polite wave in their direction. If you’re having an outside cook out use caution, as the smell may draw in these  people. Your other option is to cook something unappealing to an average sense of smell. Otherwise, be ready to utilize all your collection of ‘small talk’ conversation topics and do some ‘ooh aah’ over how big their kids got.

Also, don’t be fooled by their friendliness over your shared meal and unreasonable laughs. They will ask you to turn down that music. Even though you may have an ex – inspiring DJ in your crowd spinning his stuff, the music will become especially bothersome. You are to dutifully turn down that volume and settle for a pictureIMG_20150704_200047

If you have a water of body nearby, go for a dip. And show off that pale, office body to the sun. Do have burn alleviating treatments ready cuz that shit hurts. Participate in some outside sports activities. But depending on your level of alcohol consumption, and coordination of movements skill you might be better off on the sidelines.

Then do a random thing and go to a bunch of yard sales. Look at creepy stuff other people bought and you want nothing to do with. I challenge you to give me one reasonable explanation of this purchase:


Or hit the mother of all jackpots and come across huge boxes of comic books collectibles. This evening was well spent.


P.S. Don’t forget to spend an unreasonable amount of money on shopping, under the pretense that it’s an exclusive sale never to be seen again.

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